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See The Trees

You know that saying, “Don’t lose the forest for the trees?” I like it. It’s a good reminder to not lose sight of the bigger picture. But today, I’m turning the saying on its head. Yesterday, in a fairly casual e-mail to a friend, I admitted that I struggle with spells of paralyzing anxiety. And, when I say paralyzing anxiety, I’m not talking about an anxiety attack or some dramatic physical response to my dread, but simply a state of, “I know I can never get everything done that I want to get done, so why do anything?” All I can see is the daunting forest – I forget about the trees.

I have lists and lists of things I want to accomplish. Some are fairly finite (find a new dentist and book appointments for all of us) others require lots of time and our day-to-day life doesn’t depend on their completion (digitize and organize the entire music and photo collection). These are life examples, but the same holds true for work tasks too. Instead of focusing on the finite things that I know I can accomplish, I focus on the size of the list overall or a task that is so intimidating, I can rationalize not getting started. Then I find myself chasing deadlines and deluding myself into thinking that I get my best work done when I am under pressure.

This blog is really important to me. I have lines and lines of to-dos on my list to prove how much I think about it. However, oddly enough, I’ve been self-perpetuating extreme guilt over not crossing anything blog-related off that list for quite some time now. My e-mail admission seemed to help get me unstuck. Unstuck enough that instead of just making my morning smoothie and thinking about sharing it with you…I am. So, I’m proposing a Monday morning smoothie toast to keeping the momentum going…tree by tree.


Strawberry Spinach Smoothie


Into the blender: ½ c. Green Machine juice, 1 c. frozen/thawed organic strawberries, ¼ c. rolled oats, 1 Tbsp. chia seeds, 2 scoops EAS vanilla whey protein, 1 handful organic baby spinach, 1 c. crushed ice.