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Pregnancy Week 6: Picking a Prenatal Vitamin

Last week I briefly touched on prenatal vitamins, but I wanted to devote a whole post to this important topic. Eating well and making smart nutrition choices during pregnancy is important, but try as you may, there are certain nutrients that you may not get enough of that are important for the normal growth and development of your baby and your health as well.

If you are reading this post before becoming pregnant, all the better because it is ideal to prepare your body for conception by taking a prenatal even when you are just thinking about becoming pregnant. Certain nutrients (like folic acid) are especially critical during the time between conception and a positive pregnancy test so it is important that they are circulating in your blood at appropriate levels well before you conceive. Research also shows that taking prenatal vitamins may help in the prevention of a low birth weight baby.

Continue reading for a list of nutrients to look for and tips for taking a prenatal vitamin…

Note: This post was added to Indulgent Wellness on September 4, 2013 and backdated to match the date this post appeared on Smart Eating for Kids.