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Pregnancy Week 7: Caffeine During Pregnancy

First things first, if you’re pregnant, I’m not going to tell you to give up caffeine altogether! Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief? While you don’t have to give it up completely, it is a good idea to take stock of the various sources of caffeine in your diet and to limit your intake. TheMarch of Dimes recommends no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day which is about the amount in a 12 ounce cup of regular coffee (that’s a “Tall” cup for you Sbux lovers out there!)

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Pregnancy Week 6: Picking a Prenatal Vitamin

Last week I briefly touched on prenatal vitamins, but I wanted to devote a whole post to this important topic. Eating well and making smart nutrition choices during pregnancy is important, but try as you may, there are certain nutrients that you may not get enough of that are important for the normal growth and development of your baby and your health as well.

If you are reading this post before becoming pregnant, all the better because it is ideal to prepare your body for conception by taking a prenatal even when you are just thinking about becoming pregnant. Certain nutrients (like folic acid) are especially critical during the time between conception and a positive pregnancy test so it is important that they are circulating in your blood at appropriate levels well before you conceive. Research also shows that taking prenatal vitamins may help in the prevention of a low birth weight baby.

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Note: This post was added to Indulgent Wellness on September 4, 2013 and backdated to match the date this post appeared on Smart Eating for Kids.

Pregnancy Week 5: I’m Pregnant! Now What?

On May 30, 2013 we celebrated Hailey’s 2nd birthday AND the news that she will be a big sister on/around February 8, 2014! It is unreal to think that we’ll have a newborn again and, much like I couldn’t imagine what life would be like with a newborn the first time around, I can’t even begin to fathom what it will be like to have an almost-3-year-old as well as a newborn!

During my first pregnancy I had many fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants moments in terms of nutrition and health. Between morning sickness, exhaustion, aches and pains and water retention I was definitely in “me mode”. This time around, I had the idea to chronicle week-by-week health and nutrition tips as both a way to help me focus on one thing at a time and to share my nutrition knowledge with others who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.

Since I wasn’t really comfortable sharing our exciting news with the world until I was past the first trimester mark, the series is on a time delay from my “real life” pregnancy countdown. Regardless, in each post I’ll interject personal anecdotes when relevant and share some of my own experiences, but otherwise the topics and information is timeless so the time delay doesn’t matter all that much! The series is running on Smart Eating for Kids, but I’ll be sharing links to the content here as well as a few additional posts to recap trimesters and potentially share some personal stories related to this pregnancy. So, without further ado, let the fun begin – and where better to start than at the beginning?


Before I dive in to first post of the series, I want to take a moment to say that whether you are reading books or blogs or listening to podcasts or the wise women of the world…every pregnancy is different. No two women are going to have identical pregnancies, so although freaking out is one of the things that we mothers do best, please try to not let the things you read or hear stress you out. Your care provider is there to help guide you through this process, so give them a ring if you are truly concerned (and try not to call the after hours number unless it is a true emergency). Don’t send yourself into panic-mode over your latest Google diagnosis – nothing productive will come from that!

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Note: This post was added to Indulgent Wellness on September 4, 2013 and backdated to match the date the first post in my pregnancy series ran on Smart Eating for Kids.