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Food Frustration

Right Way Wrong Way

Imagine for a minute that you don’t have GPS or Google maps and you are lost. You stop and ask some kind soul for directions and they say, “well, any road will get you there”. Feeling exasperated you’d probably shrug a sarcastic “thanks” while thinking “what the what?”. When you ask for directions you expect the fastest and/or shortest route. When making a souffle, there’s really only one way to ensure a perfectly puffed and fluffy result. Many things in life have a right way and and a wrong way, but when it comes to nutrition that is just not the case. And this, my friends, is what I like to call food frustration. Few things are cut and dry in the nutrition world, yet there are a lot of people out there preaching that their way or their product is the only way. Sometimes it frustrates me so much that I wish I could go back and tell my college self to pick a different major. No joke.

This week I read two great blog posts that reiterated I’m not the only RD out there feeling food frustration. It also comes as no surprise during conversations with friends and family that food frustration is felt by anyone and everyone. I want you to know that I have felt the twinge of excitement when I hear about a “dramatically effective weight loss program”. I have been tempted to rehab my entire grocery list to conform to the “only nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean”. And, I’ve kept my TV tuned to the “holy grail of weight loss” infomercial for an embarrassing length of time. Why on earth would I do this knowing what I know about nutrition? Well, just like you, I want nutrition to have an obvious and easy-to-follow right way and wrong way.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me “Kate, what do you think about such-and-such product, pill or plan?” I want to do my part to help fight food frustration. I’m going to do some digging about some of these products, pills and plans one by one. I’ll take a look at the ingredients, the evidence and the approach and post my thoughts in future posts. I’d love to know what you want to know about? I often say “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”…so, what has sounded too good to be true to you lately?