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10 Reasons I Want to Go To Blog School

#1 – I ate a pickle for lunch today. My sandwich was made on whole wheat bread and I had them hold the mayo. Does anyone care? As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I feel like I have some great knowledge to share with the world, but do people really want to know what I ate for lunch?

My half-eaten, but entirely yummy lunch!

#2 – See that section in the upper left called “Quotables”? My vision was that I’d rotate in a new food/health/inspirational quote every week, but alas, after my designer set it up for me, I never figured out how to change it! So, that quote has been there for about 18 mos. In that time, I should’ve/could’ve posted 72 quotes. Silver lining? I still have plenty of quotes squirreled away for the next 18 mos….like this one!

#3 – This sad, broken coaster from Woodford Reserve. We went on a tour of Woodford Reserve back in May. I jotted notes the whole time and planned a super-fun recap post (that never was). The coaster broke on the way home and I thought that just maybe the kind folks at Woodford Reserve would send me a new one if they saw my amazing post (but they didn’t. because it is the post that never was).

Sad coaster that never got to see the bottom of a drippy glass:-(

#4 – I have approximately 62 (o.k., not approximately) ideas for future posts logged in a Word doc and in a Google Drive doc, but that is where they sit. I want to finally share my tips for how we use a whole bag of baby carrots from Costco before they go bad and my yummy recipe for an Apple Pie a la Mode smoothie!

#5 – Of the 62 aforementioned ideas, at least 23 are out of date since I came up with the ideas back when the topics were actually timely!

#6 – I want to redo my blog navigation. I know exactly how I want it to be. Problem is, I’m stuck with this pretty org-chart looking thing.

Nice right? Would be nicer if it wasn’t a static image!

#7 – See that funky looking icon off to the left over there? I think it used to be a cute little chocolate-dipped logo that said “Archives”, but somewhere along the way I must have messed up the HTML. Perhaps when I was (unsuccessfully) trying to figure out how to change the quote in #2?

#8 – One of my biggest pet peeves is wasting time. One of my favorite sayings is this one by Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines. I’m calling myself out as a class-A hypocrite because instead of “doing things” with my blog, I’ve been working on my “strategic plan”….for far too long. Please help me stop the madness!

#9 – I’ve been ignoring the yellow bar at the top of WordPress that tells me Version 3.6 is available because the warning to “back up my database and files” both scares and baffles me. Is that bad?

#10 – It’s back-to-school season and I’m a little jealous of all the kiddos and their fancy school supplies…I want to go back to school too! And, although it is all virtual, you better bet your bottom dollar that I’m still going to pack a lunch in my newly acquired Bento lunch box! And, don’t you want to know what a nutritionist packs in her lunch? It’s not all pickles and sandwiches, you know!


Blog School is a 6-part virtual program created by Rita the Blog Genie. Registration is open now through September 9, but she is giving away 3 free scholarships! If you want a scholarship to Blog School too, all you have to do is follow these instructions to enter Blog School’s Scholarship Giveaway! But, please don’t make your entry better than mine because I really want to be one of the top 3 people!

Note: This post is an entry to win a scholarship to Blog School. I have not been compensated in any way for writing this post and, let’s be real, we’ll all benefit if I win!