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[Updated October 6, 2014]

Information presented on this site is intended as a personal and professional representation of my opinions on food and nutrition as a registered dietitian nutritionist. This site is not intended for diagnosis, treatment or any other medical application. Please contact an appropriate member of your personal health team for specific medical questions.

I occasionally receive samples of foods and other products either sent to me or picked up at trade shows. I make no promises to the distributing organizations to post about those products, but if the products match my philosophies on nutrition or fit a need in my family, I will post with full disclosure.

As a freelance nutrition communications consultant I have worked on projects with the following organizations:

  • Midwest Dairy Council/Dairy Nutrition Communicator Network
  • Weber Shandwick – ALDI, Bell Institute for Health and Nutrition
  • Edelman – American Egg Board/Egg Nutrition Center, Kraft, Dairy Management, Inc., Quaker

All images and content on this site is property of Kate G. Byers, MS, RDN and may not be used without permission. Exceptions are images with source notations and links to the image owner.

I utilized the resources of the RDs4Disclosure movement to craft this disclosure statement and I pledge to abide by the Guiding Principles in my communications efforts.