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10494528_265422116979233_7838731961265476325_n (2)My name is Kate and I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist…RDN for short. When people find out what I do they invariably ask me one of the following questions:

  1. What do you eat? (Quickly followed by them saying “don’t look at what I’m eating!”)
  2. What diet do you follow?
  3. What do you think of x, y, z diet?
  4. What can I eat that will help my {fill in the blank}?

My Food Philosophy

Among many other delicious and nutritious foods, I eat chocolate, I drink wine, I love cheese…do you see where I’m going with this? My food philosophy is that health and indulgence are not mutually exclusive, but that there is a fine balance between savoring an indulgence and going overboard. I don’t believe in “diets” that cut out entire food groups or single out certain foods on a no-no list. I agree that there are plenty of overly processed foods in the American diet that we all do just fine getting too much of on our own, but even at that I’m not going to spaz out over an overly processed item every now and then. However, those are the magic words…every now and then. At the end of the day, I believe the most important thing to remember is that it is about what you eat, not what you delete. We need to focus on the nutritious foods that we should be eating more of and worry less about whether or not we should cut this or that from our diet.

Trust me, I am by no means perfect when it comes to nutrition and health. In fact, I promise to be totally open about my own struggles with emotional eating, lack of exercise motivation, sleep procrastination (its a thing, look it up!), etc. Its a hard pill to swallow that this whole being healthy thing is such hard work for someone who has a college degree in the field, but I hope by walking this walk with you we will all discover a thing or two!

A Little More About Me

I grew up in the great state of Maine! Yes, it is as lovely as you’ve heard it is…you should go! (People always ask me that.) After a brief stint in the wrong major at Ithaca College, I transferred to Purdue University to study nutrition & dietetics and that is where I met Adam, the man who would become my husband. We rowed on the crew team for a year, went to a bajillion Boilermaker sporting events together (BOILER UP!), traveled some and had a blast. In 2005 we got married and moved to Chicago where I went to Northwestern University for grad school (Go Wildcats!). We’ve lived in the Chicago area ever since.  In 2011 we welcomed our first daughter, Hailey and in 2014, Audrey joined our crew!


Random Fun Facts:

  • As a kid I used to pretend that I was auditioning for Star Search (the original American Idol). I’m that person you see rocking out in the car at the stoplight and I’m a huge fan of musicals and sitcoms that break out in song. I often wish life had a soundtrack – wouldn’t that be fun?
  • I’ve never acquired a taste for coffee, but I love the smell of it. I made it through undergrad, grad school, work deadlines and two newborns without ever wanting to drink coffee. I try to never say never, but the possibilities look slim that I’ll ever be a coffee drinker.
  • If I could have any other job, I’d be a professional organizer. When I was a kid I used to enjoy it when my friends’ parents said they had to pick up their room (and I’m sure the friends didn’t mind that I was there to help). Now, when I find myself in a house that is in need of some organization, I get twitchy. Need me to do anything at your place?

Some of my Favorites:

  • cheese? extra sharp chedder or manchego
  • chocolate? dark chocolate – 70ish% cocao
  • fitness? kickbox-based workouts
  • food? chocolate covered strawberries
  • tea? chai
  • red wine? big, bold, spicy zinfandels
  • white wine? unoaked chardonnays

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